Thursday, February 18, 2010

my kids

Last Friday I picked Emily up at daycare. When I met her in the hall she pulled on my hand and told me she had something to tell me, but she didn't want anyone else to hear. We got into the car and she told me one of the little boys in her class kissed her for Valentines Day. Yep, you read right, Emily got her first kiss. I promptly asked where he kissed her and who it was. She told me the little boys name and he had kissed her on the cheek. A few days later I went to register her for kindergarten. It's all going too fast. Before I know it she is going to be shaving her legs and wearing makeup. I want her to stay little. I love this age; she still hugs and kisses me, tells me everything, and is so innocent.

On the flip side, at this time Hayden is in a stage only a mother could love. But, when he has done something horrible he always follows it up with, "Mama, your my best friend...aren't you so proud?" How could I not be.


Ashley and Evan said...

Did Hank have a meltdown when he heard this information? :=) He's not going to put her under lock and key, is he?

Jamee said...

lol, no but he did want to go find the little boy. Lord help this child, she has a long way to go.